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Program / Second cycle of medical studies

Second cycle of medical studies

List of courses

Medical English

Certificate of Pathology Cardiology

Orthopedic certificate

Certificate of Hematological Pathology

Certificate of infectious and parasitic pathology

Certificate of Neurological Pathology

Certificate of respiratory pathology

Certificate of Rheumatology



Training in a university hospital center

Hematology sessions

Oncology training

Infectious pathology training

Respiratory pathology courses

Cardiovascular pathology training

Orthopedics-trauma training

Rheumatology training

Training in pathology of the nervous system

Thoracic and cardiovascular surgery training

Family Medicine training

Rehabilitation physical medicine training

Biological hematology internship

Anatomy and pathological cytology training

Radiology training

Parasitology-mycology courses

Genetics courses

Pharmacology training

Bacteriology training

Biochemistry training

Clinical immunology trainings

Training (basic medicine)

List of courses

Medical English

Certificate of gastrology

Certificate of Preventive and Social Medicine

Certificate of Surgical Pathology

Certificate of Metabolic and Nutritional Endocrine Pathology

Certificate of nephrological and urological pathology

Certificate of Pediatrics


1 Preamble

Nephrology training

Urology training

Metabolism and nutrition endocrinology training

Training in gastro – enterology – hepatology

Abdominal surgery training

Pediatrics training

Neonatal training

Pediatric surgery training

Training (basic medicine)

List of courses

Medical English

Certificate of Ophthalmology

Certificate of ORL and stomatology

Certificate of Dermatology

Certificate of gynecology and obstetrics

Certificate of acute medicine

Certificate of medical work

Certificate of internal medicine and geriatrics

Certificate of legal and ethical medicine

Certificate of psychiatry

Certificate of clinical and therapeutic synthesis


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