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« Produce without appropriating, act without waiting,
to guide without constraining, here is the primordial virtue »…

 Dao De Jing (600 av JC)

The driving force behind this charter is  the respect for human dignity and the promotion of human rights. This charter is understood as a moral commitment involving all the actors of the health system (teachers, learners, administration and users of care services). 



Education must be free from personal, administrative, economic, religious or political constraints



Fairness aims at respecting the chances of any person in formation, without discrimination outside the academic criteria determined previously. The FMT ensures that all students in initial training and all practitioners in continuing training have equal access to learning facilities in accordance with the objectives set and optimizing the means at their disposal.

Respect for the person


The care relationship, whether in teaching-learning or research, must be based on trust, confidentiality, respect for the patient, dignity and personal values.



Teachers and students must be honest in avoiding conflicts of interest, being critical of the results of their research and in returning them honestly, avoiding any fraud, plagiarism or attack on human life and human rights. ‘man. All stakeholders should report to the faculty council any unethical practices.



The student is expected to demonstrate a sense of responsibility through personal involvement in training and the acquisition of skills and knowledge. The student will also take the necessary care with the teaching resources at his disposal. The FMT undertakes to respect the ethical dimension in the teaching or research activities carried out under its aegis. The FMT is committed to adapting its institutional programs to priority health needs and ensuring optimal quality education for students, aiming to form a professional :

  • Competent, caring with compassion and respect for human dignity and rights.
  • Respecting the standards of professionalism and honesty in all professional interactions.
  • Respecting professional secrecy and respecting the law but firmly defending the interests of the patient
  • Respecting colleagues and collaborating with them for the benefit of the patient.
  • Freely exercising his profession and assuming responsibility towards his patients.
  • Continually developing skills, contributing to scientific progress and maintaining a commitment to medical education
  • Contributing to the promotion of the community and the improvement of public health and defending access to care for all.