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List of conventions established by country

Faculty Signature Date Duration
Laval University 13 January 2016 for 5 years
Pierre and Marie University Curie - Paris 6 04/08/2012 for 1 year renewable
for 3 years
Paris Diderot University - Paris 7 04/08/2012 for 1 year renewable
for 3 years
Strasbourg Faculty of Medicine (Laboratory of Medical Genetics) 03/09/2011 for 5 years
Faculty of Medicine of Tunis, the Hospital Rabta And the Faculty of (Medicine, Odontology, Pharmacy), the University Hospital Center From toulouse 17/06/2016 for 5 years
University Montreal - -
Hassan II university of casablanca (Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy) 31/03/1998 unlimited
Faculty of Medicine “University of Nice Sophia Antipolis » - -
National Al-Najah University - -
Faculty of Medicine and Science palestine health - 5 years
    • List of framework agreements of Tunis El Manar University :–accords-cadres

    • LList of specific agreements of Tunis El Manar University:–accords-specifiques

Aware of the need for student mobility, the Faculty of Medicine of Tunis has not ceased to make significant efforts for the mobility of students.

In collaboration with the University Tunis El Manar, we worked for the introduction in the strategy of the international cooperation of the partnership considered as one of the indicators of the education quality.

The last years are an essential step that is distinguished by the signing of cooperation agreements, the programming of scientific and academic cooperation activities with our traditional partners in the Maghreb, Euro-Mediterranean and the Francophone community, and the countries of the American and Asian continents.

Model Agreement

Model agreement
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Agreement model
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Agreement model
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Agreement model
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