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Mission and objectives

The Faculty of Medicine aims for:

The training of doctors to improve the health of the population by preventing and solving problems that may alter the health status of the individual and / or the community.
Contribution to the advancement of biomedical knowledge through basic, applied and operational research.
To achieve its goals, the Faculty of Medicine of Tunis has set the following institutional objectives:

Training doctors with education in the practice family medicine

Training of doctors specialists through the residency competition.

Training of other health professionals through various graduate programs

Researchers teacher training

Participation in the continuing training of all health professionals.

The FMT is committed to adapting its programs to priority health needs and to ensuring optimal quality education, aimed at training a professional:

Competent, caring with compassion and respect for the dignity and rights of patients.

Respecting the standards of professionalism and honesty in all professional interactions.

Respecting the law, professional secrecy but firmly defending the interests of the patient.

Freely exercising his profession and assuming responsibility towards his patients.

Continually developing skills, contributing to scientific progress and maintaining a commitment to medical education.

Contributing to the promotion of the community and the improvement of public health and defending access to care for all.

Ensuring empathy, compassion and commitment to the patient.

Having a holistic bio-psycho-social approach to the practice of care.

Responsible to the community, the environment, colleagues and other categories of caregivers.


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