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About -> A word from the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of Tunis

A word from the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of Tunis

With more than 5000 students the Faculty of Medicine of Tunis (FMT) is one of the biggest faculty and certainly one of the best of the Tunisian university landscape.

Belonging to the University of Tunis El Manar since more than 50 years , the priority of the FMT is to provide comprehensive, scalable and quality training through the commitment of more than 1500 academics whose reputation, and indeed that of our Faculty, goes beyond our borders in a large number of specialties.Teachers, students and administrators are gathered around a project based on strong values :





                                           EQUITY AND RESPECT

Over the years, we have been able to renew and innovate to keep pace with the digital age, pedagogical and scientific progress, with a strong desire to preserve and reinforce our achievements.Our ambition is to train future generations of physicians, scientists, clinical researchers and health policy leaders who will place their expertise at the service of patients and have a significant impact on the health and well-being of our population.Similarly, continuing professional development is also a strong focus of our faculty, which reinforces our responsibility to our students and society.

Thanks to its national and international collaborations and its openness to its environment, the FMT has embarked on a process of excellence and quality that gives medical education its letter of greatness.

This privileged place occupied by our faculty is the fruit of a collaborative work between the various stakeholders who work for an innovative, healthy, attractive,strong faculty with his teachers and students, transparent in its management and accredited


Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of Tunis


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